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Halloween in Shopping Stadsfeestzaal!

Things are getting spooky at Shopping Stadsfeestzaal between 26 October 2021 and 10 November 2021!

In the centre square you can visit the spooky family with their little baby pumpkin, grandpa fisher with his dog, the possessed vegetable garden and the haunted forest ! 🎃

At the Hopland entrance, things will get even spookier! Read the story below:

In 1842, these two trees were skinned in the Saparavo forest in Australia near the village of Banebrok.

The story goes that the trees came to life every year and roamed the village on Halloween to scare people. No one has ever been injured, though.

In 1842, the mayor decided to have the trees removed and they have been kept in a local warehouse ever since.

Until now…

An opportunity not to be missed to take one of the funniest Halloween photos while enjoying our food outlets, fashion stores, pop-up shops and much more. See you then!