Would you like to join Shopping Stadsfeestzaal’s closely knit retail family?

Shopping Stadsfeestzaal opened in 2007 and accommodates various pilot and flagship stores for Antwerp/Belgium including Lloyd Shoes, COS, Urban Outfitters, Rabeanco, La Place and Bijou Brigitte. This shopping centre attracts 6,5 million visitors a year.

In 2015 the main hall of Shopping Stadsfeestzaal was re-shaped in order to host a new restaurant, new retailers and create the space for temporary retail space. Would you be interested in opening a shop or kiosk in Shopping Stadsfeestzaal and becoming part of a unique shopping environment in the centre of Antwerp?

Innovative unique retail concepts that would add to the range of shops at Shopping Stadsfeestzaal can feel free to contact Steven Bervoets, Centre Manager, at sbervoets@multi.eu or +32 (0)495 29 85 47 or +32 (0)3 202 31 00.